Real Estate Loans

Set up a real estate project
Rate of debt and ability to finance. How is the debt ratio and the financing capacity determined in a real estate project? The calculator of financing capacity.

Scoring the borrower. How is the examination of a financing file filed with a bank? The study of incomes.

The application for a home loan in a bank. The supporting documents to be provided. The funding proposal and the selection criteria.

The mortgage offer. The drafting of the loan offer and acceptance of the loan offer. Transformation into loan contract.

The barometer of rates. Regular survey of mortgage market rates from brokers and on-line banks.

And also: Borrower Insurance, loan guarantees, personal surety, notary fees, loan broker …

Real estate loans
Adjustable rate or variable rate credit. Operation, principle of indexing and limitations.

The Modular Credit. A loan contract allowing, to a certain extent, to adjust its monthly payments and to make savings.

Credit Relais: a short-term loan to await the sale of a property.

Credit in fine: a credit where the principal is repaid in one installment, at the last due date.

Other types of credit. How do certain credit variants work, credit with constant return of capital, loan with progressive maturity …

The rate indicator for Anil home loans.

Home loans
Loan CEL or the loan portion of the home savings account. Explanation of the calculation of the amount of the credit available according to the duration and the acquired rights. Online simulations.

The PEL Loan or the borrowing part of the housing savings plan. Online simulations to determine the rate and amount of home loan savings loan based on acquired rights.

Assisted real estate loans
The Zero Plus Loan: the 2015 version of the zero-plus loan introduced in 2011 (which replaced the interest tax credit on borrowings).
– the conditions of access to the PTZ +,
– the amount of PTZ + and the justification of energy performance,
– the duration of the PTZ + and the different reimbursement profiles,
– the obligations of the borrower and the penalties provided for in the event of non-compliance,
– the most common questions about PTZ or PTZ +,
– reference texts and devices deleted,
– the role of the State in financing the PTZ.

The zero-rate loan
The zero-interest loan simulator allows you to calculate the amount of the PTZ + and the terms of repayment, and then a financing plan.

The Zero-Rate Loan (until 31/12/2010): conditions to qualify for the state-assisted loan, the zero-rate loan rate for 2010, the zero-rate loan calculator.

Loan PAS or Loan for Social Accession. Presentation of this form of loan agreement reserved for the most modest, guaranteed by the state and entitling to the Allowance Personalized Housing.

The Housing Action Loan: the reduced-rate loan (former 1% housing) for the financing of a main residence reserved for employees in the private sector.

[Former] Land Pass (and Land Loan Loan): a device for acquisition in the new by deferring the purchase of the land or part of the loan.

Assisted rental loans: the social rental loan (PLS) and the intermediate rental loan (PLI).