Current account management

Costs relating to the general operation of a current account:

  • Account maintenance fees,
  • Subscriptions for remote banking,
  • Insurance of means of payment.

Bank cards
Annual bank card statements:

  • The systematically authorized Visa card (Electron or V-Pay),
  • The Mastercard with systematic authorization (Maestro),
  • The Visa Classic, the Visa Premier, the Visa Platinum, the Visa Infinite,
  • The Mastercard, the Gold Mastercard, the Mastercard World Elite.

Credit card transactions:

  • The withdrawal of cash in a DAB from another institution (in the euro zone),
  • The withdrawal by card in a distributor abroad (outside the euro zone),
  • The purchase by card abroad.

Incidents :

  • Bank’s opposition fee for misuse.

As well as availability:

  • Bank cards (or systematic authorization),
  • High-end bank cards.

Transfers and withdrawals

  • Bank transfer charges (casual or permanent),
  • The costs of collection (set-up and execution),
  • The costs of revocation or objection to an automatic debit.


  • Opposition to the payment of a check or several checks,
  • The issue of a bank check,
  • Sending a check book at home.

Bundles / Paid Accounts

  • Bundles of service (minimum price),
  • The tariff offers for 18-25 year olds,
  • Paid current accounts.

Irregularities and incidents

  • The intervention commissions,
  • The costs of rejecting an inadequate balance levy,
  • The costs of rejecting a NSF check,
  • The cost of returning a mail to NPAI,
  • The cost of notification of a bank ban by another institution,
  • The fee for newsletter for unauthorized debit account.


  • (Or unauthorized) overdraft fees.

Savings and financial investments

  • The cost of transferring an ELP or LEC to another institution,
  • The cost of transferring a PEA or a securities account to another bank,
  • The distribution of savings accounts according to banks.